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  • Amazing customer service. They truly make you feel like part of the family. The highest level medical service for any situation.

    Blaine Gullickson

  • When I asked around for veterinarian recommendations, two people suggested Soundview. We brought our two dogs (12 years old + 7 years old) for basic wellness checkups and my spouse and I are happy with how it went. Dr. Hardegree was great, very warm and happy to explain his thinking and recommendations. I appreciate that options for more advanced/expensive care were made available with cost estimates and, again, explanations for why such-and-such procedure might be a good idea soon or down the road—but without pressure to commit immediately if the procedure wasn't urgent. (I would like to get that echocardiogram for our 12-year-old, but can't afford it immediately.) Dr. Hardegree assured us that while there would be xyz benefits to the echocardiogram, because our dog is generally in good health he's comfortable with us keeping an eye on her symptoms and bringing her in if they worsen. (She has a heart murmur, which apparently means heart disease, so if she starts coughing more often, resisting exercise/getting lethargic, or just seems Not Quite Right for any reason we'll bring her back ASAP.) Overall the price wasn't bad, either. Two exams, blood and urine work for our 12-year-old, heartworm tests and preventative...all told it was around $400, which I found reasonable. I'll be happy to bring my dogs back to Soundview.

    Cassandra de Kanter

  • 4.5 Google Rating